5 B2b ecommerce Trends for 2016

It has been speculated by renowned research company Frost and Sullivan that B2b ecommerce will hit the $12 trillion mark in gross sales worldwide. The figure was only $5.5 trillion in 2012. In this blog we will discuss the 5 trends in B2b ecommerce for 2016.

Go Gung Ho On Mobile – while the importance of mobile commerce has been in discussion for quite some time now, it is only in 2016 that lone will be able to see its impact. The humongous number of mobile sales per day in India shows the vast potential that lies ahead in mobile. Survey conducted by agencies revealed that the total amount of traffic volume in today’s date is much higher from mobile than that from desktops. In B2B as well, the importance of mobile is gradually increasing.  To justify this we can bank on a recent survey conducted by Forrester that states that as many as 52% of B2B buyers search products from smartphones.

Online Marketplaces To Do the Trick – B2B can be classified into two parts Direct and Marketplaces. The concept is pretty simple. In a direct method the company sells its products from its own B2B webstore directly. Buyers can log in with their user ids and password and order products. In the market place concept the sellers sell their products through online market places along with other vendors.

Saas Integration – This is a new trend and will certainly make the B2b ecommerce process very easy. More and more companies B2B sellers are opting for SaaS (software as a service) because they are able to fend off the price cutting environment.  It is not only helping in automated order syncing but also integrating with automated integration with enterprise resource planning. This process is helping wholesalers not only to sell their products online to retailers but also manage the entire the order management process with a lot of ease.

Content is the Key – content plays a very crucial role in any form of marketing, we all know that. However the importance of content in B2B is quite crucial. It must be noted that buyers look for detailed specifications on each of their products while making a wholesale purchase. So, you must have high resolution product images and detailed product descriptions that would help you to make your products more saleable.

These are the 4 trends in B2b ecommerce that will certainly fetch a better result.

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