How to Construe A Product Video Successfully

To begin with, product video is nothing but brief, concise, compact video designed to advertise a commercial product, service, set of directives and event. These videos are habitually integrated on an organization’s affiliated website in order to give the viewer or budding customer some piece of information concerning the product along with the background of that company. These videos are often utilized as major component of social video campaign and no doubt, it is one of the effective tools as far as marketing and product promotion is concerned.

Differing from corporate video

Product videos are not corporate videos. They have marked disparity although few think they are synonymous and confuse these terms while addressing these videos. To elucidate, corporate videos not always aim at promoting products, services nor did they mean for general people as well. In most cases they are used for training purpose or rendering set of instruction to in-house employees whereas product videos are meant for target traffic, dwelling outside the organizational periphery.

In order to promote your startup availing product video is highly professional a decision and making it involves few fundamental ways and techniques. No doubt you can hand over the job to some proficient video production company but with right knowledge you will also be able to supervise if your task going on the right direction or not. Although, making video is not tough, but daunting is facing the crowd out there. In order to captivate their attention the video has to have that hooking X factor. Below few ways are discussed for making effective product video with these tips you can carry though your flawless surveillance or start your own DIY project.

Below are few tips and techniques, which for sure can help you to save dollars, effort and time.


While making script, you need not to go for undue elaboration. Elaboration may make the video cumbersome and boring. It may diverge from the actual point of concord and end in something disastrous. Your video has an aim and that that is to introduce the product to the people out there with all its quintessential features and benefits. You must make sure that your company logo and the web address is shown properly right after the completion of that video. You may add some comic element to make the video tempting but be, rest assured not to overdo it. You must add a section where you have choices laid bare before the clients, asking if they buy or subscribe. You may compose the script on your own or hire a professional to do the job on your behalf but you must make sure that the professional you hire should guesstimate your need.

Recording voice

Recording or integrating sound is a big step but you do not have to be stringent while you incorporate voice but you have to be prudent and cautious. You do not have to dwell in a quiet place rather normal natural word exchange will emerge friendlier. You may edit the voice and word, correct intonation and pronunciation. You can have normal regular voices to prompt your product detail or  have a celebrity or professional artist to go for your voiceover.

Having Keynote presentation

Using PowerPoint, you may opt for new slides for each feature or sentence on the script. Your slides will emphatically represent your intention highlighting the basic features of the product. While making a product video you may find few significant facts about your product which need some highlighting or focus. You can emphasize the fact with right graphical representation. Seeing is believing so the  more assertive you turn out to be the more potential your video will appear. You can make use of stock photos or generate something of your own. But stay away from being clichés but be niche specific in your approach, try something innovative, crispy something which leaves an impression so that whenever people visit market  to buy a product belonging to that genre they think trying your product over others.

Recording with ScreenFlow or Camtasia

When almost everything is prepared, you should integrate all your ingredients into one effective whole and to accomplish that end you must read the script audibly concurrently playing the presentation while using Camtasia or ScreenFlow. These are the most sought after desktop screen recording gadgets which will help you amply to record short and concise videos to big projects with credibility adding right distinction. Nevertheless, if you are running low in budget then you can try the same with other alternatives such as Jing or Screencast-O-Matic.

Editing and merging video and audio

Using the app IMovie you can merge the components successfully. Your voiceover audio note and video ca be synchronized into an integrated whole. You can do the same using Camtasia or ScreenFlow as well.

Adding sound or music

Adding sound is not mandatory but little music will give your video a professional stance making it a pleasurable journey for the viewers. While browsing through Pond5, Royalty Free Music, Audio Jungle you will hit upon broad spectrum of royalty free soundtracks. No matter how enticing the music emerges out to be it must not drown your voiceover otherwise, the whole video will run meaningless giving off nothing comprehensible.  So incorporate music, adjust the audio level but make sure your voice is heard clearly without slightest hitch and clog.

Seeing on your own or having someone reliable

Before posting the video on your website or even on YouTube you must watch it. But it will be better if you have someone watching it on your personal interest. Often errors go missed. Finding out own flaws is difficult so it will be better to have it watched thousand and one times by someone else. Try to focus on minor incongruities rather than applauding it or having general eyes, you must bear in mind that the flow of the video has to have smooth finish.


Almost all industries are trying their hand in making product video. It does not involve much but the impact it supplicates is something worth trying for. So no matter how big or small scale your industry is, your product video will definitely leave a powerful impact, making casual visitors into prospective customers.


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