Search Ads on Google Play Using AdWords

Let’s say you run a café house in a corporate location and want it to be the recognised in that area. The first thing that any advertiser keeps in mind is their target audience. Following that, you will set your ad to appear to the customers in that location. Now, when someone living or visiting that place makes a Google search for café house or restaurants around that particular area, then they are able to see your ad. If they find you advertisement pleasing enough, then they might ultimately click on that particular ad and connect with you for business purposes.

In this advertising era, Google has taken an initiative to create its own advertising service, which some of us are familiar with. It is what we know as Google AdWords, which allows multiple brands or advertisers to optimize campaigns effectively on a search engine results page (SERP). While keeping the trend of mobile advertising in mind, Google created its own search applications called Google Play, which revolves around AdWords.

Depending upon the requirements, consumers will search for words on Google. Foodies will use applications while searching for restaurants near their locality, travellers will search for apps that provide best destinations packages to spend their holidays, gadget freaks will click on tech related applications or they will install various gaming apps etc. Undoubtedly, search is one of the biggest drivers of app installs in the Play Store.

This is the main reason behind Google investing in new ways to help people discover apps with Search Ads on Google Play. The growth of new technologies and innovative ways have simplified tasks of campaign management teams and app developers.

According to Google AdWords data, Google Play reaches more than 1 billion people on Android devices in more than 190 countries. In the coming days, this influence of Search Ads on Google Play will create a new world of apps. It will bring more opportunities for brands, advertisers as well as developers to spread awareness of mobile applications.

Besides providing search options, Google is also committed to delivering conversion tracking tools that work flawlessly across channels and bring forth a compiled measurement report. There are few tools like AppsFlyer, Kochava, which are commonly known as Android First app opens. While running any campaign, these tools are frequently used as it helps in standard conversion type for third-party solutions. Their main role is to calculate and enhance the reach of users on a particular Search Ad on Google Play, to ensure data consistency and give developers the freedom to optimize the AdWords.