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5 Branding and Logo Mistakes to Avoid


The logo is arguably one of the most important aspects of your overall branding strategy. Your company’s logo must communicate the personality of your brand and instantly convey the company’s values and emotions instantly and at a glance. Your customers should never have to work to figure out your logo. Instead, it should tell a story about your brand in a way that is clear, quick, and concise. However good graphic and logo design is not an exact science, but rather equal parts science, art, and psychology. Here are five branding and logo mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: Low Resolution Graphics

With mobile access to online web sites and platforms taking the lead in terms of the primary way in which people access the Internet. And, since the mobile generation is here to stay, it is now critical that your logos can scale to fit any viewing device. Images need to retain maintain quality with no pixelation issues. Bitmaps have fallen out of standard practice, and most designers have now understandably turned to vector graphics which do not lose quality as they scale.

Mistake 2: Following Trends and Fads Blindly

In advertising, marketing, and design there is always some new hot trend hitting the market. For example, lately there has been an increasing trend towards a flat, minimalistic site design. While more and more sites are turning to this form of design, it is natural to ask yourself if this trend will last. Rather than following trends, you should approach your logo like a long term investment, one that will have to last you for years, not just this season.

Mistake 3: Poor Use of Typefaces

Choosing a font is one of the hardest decisions to remove from your own emotional bias. The wrong font can look silly at best, and fatal at worst. For instance, a lawyer would not use Comic Sans in their logo because it would appear too fun and light-hearted, and would not appeal to clients who are looking for someone who will take them seriously and can be trusted.

Mistake 4: Copying Other Brands

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in logo design it is the surest path to a stunted logo that will likely not receive much awareness and recognition. For one thing, it communicates that your business is unoriginal, and that you have little capability for creativity. It also conveys laziness on behalf of the business, and suggests that the company is riding on the back of another company’s success. Not a good impression to give your customers.

Mistake 5: Over Complicating Your Logo

In graphic design, it can be tempting to create logos that really show off your skills in design and graphic manipulation. However, if you get too complex in your design, it can often fall flat. Your logo needs to be able to be utilized in all scenarios and across a variety of platforms like web and print. You also need to consider that when your logo gets scaled down for mobile media or small graphic advertisements an over complicated logo will not look as good.


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Product branding vs corporate branding


Branding is an idea or image a product, service or company creates with a combination of factors like name, logo, slogan or design. However, in reality it is much more than that. It is the amalgamation of a number of elements a company, product or service projects to build a positive relationship with its consumers. A brand is who you essentially are and how you want to be perceived by the people. It gives the customer a glimpse of what to expect from you. In short, branding is the promise given by the business to the customer.

Types of branding

There are essentially two types of branding – product branding and corporate branding. Both these types of branding have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are both important for companies. Depending upon what and how you decide to carry on your branding will determine whether you should go for corporate branding or product branding. While corporate branding emphasizes on building a name for your company as a whole, product branding narrows down its attempts in focusing solely on your product without involving your company’s name. Both types of branding requires all the effort of marketing you can put to make your product or company a household name.

Product branding

Product branding uses the qualities of products to market themselves. They leverage the quality of the product to create a name for themselves. It is usually used by companies that branch out. The advantage of product branding is that the value of the brand is not affected by company’s image. People do not associate the product with any company. The marketing strategy adopted is aimed at selling the product using the product itself. The product itself is used to evoke emotion in its customers.

Corporate branding

Corporate branding, on the other hand, applies to using the name of the company for leveraging brand equity. People usually buy the product because of the trust they have in the company. The disadvantage is that fall in the brand name for any reason will lead to all products under its corporate branding take the beating. However, people usually accept the new products launched easily as it comes under the name of the company branding.

The focus

While product branding focuses on the product or service and its customers, corporate branding emphasises on the company as a whole, its philosophies and ethics. Corporate branding puts everyone related to the organization in the spotlight. Hence, people relate every employee to the idea created by the brand. This also means at every step, it becomes the responsibility of the company to live up to the image created by their brand.


Product branding is handled only by marketing department of a company. However, corporate branding needs support from the whole organization. Every single employee is associated with the brand and is responsible for the success of the brand. The work culture, vision and quality of the products combine to play a role in building corporate brand while only the product and its customers are involved in product branding.

Change in perspectives

Product branding can undergo re-branding without losing out on any stakes. Corporate branding, on the other hand, carries the weight of past as well as future as they are essentially the face of an organization.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/advertising-articles/product-branding-vs-corporate-branding-7214042.html

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