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Web Marketing – 5 Reasons to use Google+ as a social


Before beginning, however, we take a look at some statistics: Facebook is now the number one social network to the amount of monthly active users (1.35 billion), followed by Chinese QZone (with 645 million) and, in fact, Google+ (with 300 million). More distanced Twitter, which has 284 million active users.

Without this premise, we review five good reasons to “invest” on Google+.

1) Google+ is Google

It seems obvious, but it is not. The fact that Google+ is a tool of Big G is definitely a good reason to start to start using it. Can boast a strong integration with all other instruments of the Mountain View giant and has a huge market potential. With Google+ users are found all Google services into a single account and, while remaining connected, Big G can collect the most of their data and track their behavior, thus making Google+ also a potent and powerful marketing tool.

2) The Social Search

That’s the added value of Google+: enable people to find, as a result of a search, recommended links, or viewed previously suggested by other people from our circles of friends. Inside the SERP then not only will find the results extracted from the entire universe of the web, but we will also find our world with its content and its people. In short, Google personalizes the results so as to always provide the most appropriate response.

3) Interaction targeted

With Google+ you can connect and communicate with the exact target customers who are aiming and establish an interaction with their targeted to your business. To connect, you can search the profiles directly from the internal search engine to the platform (where you can also successfully more specific searches on topics and trends) or through the community. Organize your contacts into circles created by you, just based on your specific needs, is another added value of Google+ in terms of functionality.

4) Professional + personal

Google+ is unique: it is a mix between a social and a personal social professional. With your Google+ page, you can build an identity public and converse online in the same way it can do any profile: add people to your circles, creating and managing community, share content, comment and +1 on comments, add photos and create and participate in the Hangout video. You can also follow the so-called “influence” of your industry, interact with them and share their content with your customers.

5) The exponential growth

Google+ is growing at a frantic pace. Today – three years after the launch – has over 1.15 billion registered users and, as we have already explained, more than 300 million monthly active users (i.e. Individuals who interact with the content). In contrast, Facebook has had a growth rate much slower, with 12 million active users per month after three years. By comparison with the numbers of Google+, Facebook has surpassed the 300 million monthly active users only six years after its launch.

And what do you think of Google+? There seems to be a really useful tool?

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