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Web Marketing – 5 Reasons to use Google+ as a social


Before beginning, however, we take a look at some statistics: Facebook is now the number one social network to the amount of monthly active users (1.35 billion), followed by Chinese QZone (with 645 million) and, in fact, Google+ (with 300 million). More distanced Twitter, which has 284 million active users.

Without this premise, we review five good reasons to “invest” on Google+.

1) Google+ is Google

It seems obvious, but it is not. The fact that Google+ is a tool of Big G is definitely a good reason to start to start using it. Can boast a strong integration with all other instruments of the Mountain View giant and has a huge market potential. With Google+ users are found all Google services into a single account and, while remaining connected, Big G can collect the most of their data and track their behavior, thus making Google+ also a potent and powerful marketing tool.

2) The Social Search

That’s the added value of Google+: enable people to find, as a result of a search, recommended links, or viewed previously suggested by other people from our circles of friends. Inside the SERP then not only will find the results extracted from the entire universe of the web, but we will also find our world with its content and its people. In short, Google personalizes the results so as to always provide the most appropriate response.

3) Interaction targeted

With Google+ you can connect and communicate with the exact target customers who are aiming and establish an interaction with their targeted to your business. To connect, you can search the profiles directly from the internal search engine to the platform (where you can also successfully more specific searches on topics and trends) or through the community. Organize your contacts into circles created by you, just based on your specific needs, is another added value of Google+ in terms of functionality.

4) Professional + personal

Google+ is unique: it is a mix between a social and a personal social professional. With your Google+ page, you can build an identity public and converse online in the same way it can do any profile: add people to your circles, creating and managing community, share content, comment and +1 on comments, add photos and create and participate in the Hangout video. You can also follow the so-called “influence” of your industry, interact with them and share their content with your customers.

5) The exponential growth

Google+ is growing at a frantic pace. Today – three years after the launch – has over 1.15 billion registered users and, as we have already explained, more than 300 million monthly active users (i.e. Individuals who interact with the content). In contrast, Facebook has had a growth rate much slower, with 12 million active users per month after three years. By comparison with the numbers of Google+, Facebook has surpassed the 300 million monthly active users only six years after its launch.

And what do you think of Google+? There seems to be a really useful tool?

Tell us in your comments.


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DIY SEO Exercises your Small Business must Perform

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Regardless of the size of your business, to be able to stay ahead in the game, it is important that you incorporate SEO into your online marketing strategy. Many small businesses tend to shy away assuming that they will require a large budget. While an effective and complete strategy will demand significant budgets and the need to hire an SEO agency Leeds, that doesn’t have to mean that you must sit idle until your business can afford this.
Here are a few SEO exercises that you can start implementing in-house right away –

• Google “My Business”

Considering a major chunk of consumers rely on Google when they are looking for information, make sure that you create a My Business profile on this search engine. Fill out all the information completely and accurately and choose the most appropriate categories for your business listings. Make sure your address, location, operational hours, website and description are well written and include a sufficient number of photos.

• Encouraging Customer Reviews

Making sure you acquire a good chunk of positive reviews is a critical part of running a successful DIY campaign. There are a number of ways in which you can ethically encourage reviews without having to straight up beg your customers to do so. Many ecommerce websites choose to send out mailers to their existing customers letting them know that their feedback is important to the business. These emails can consist of links to popular review sits such as Yelp or My Business.

If you have a physical website, your website can also choose to link customers to review websites and direct their customers to the address through bills, postcards and other physical communication.

• Securing Trusted Back Links

Sign up to becoming an accredited member for organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce. Doing so is an excellent link opportunity since organizations like this tend to post information about their members on their pages and subsequently convey a significant level of trust. You can also find great link opportunities through charitable organizations, community events and schools.

• Creating Citations and Audit NAP Data

There are a number of business directories that enable businesses to create free listings. Also known as NAP data, it is important that this remains 100% consistent across every business directory that you sign up with. Platforms such as Yelp, Foursquare and YP.com are excellent listings to consider. There are a number of tools that will help you identify and manage local listings.

• Publishing Consistent Content

Make sure you include a blog on your website and publish new and fresh content on it on a consistent basis. Not only is this a great way to give your visitors a chance to explore new information every time they visit but it also allows businesses to target long tail-focused keywords and achieve high organic rankings.

Consider hiring an affordable SEO Leeds based agency or a writer to help create content that fits your budget. You can source blog posts from within your organization and even assign content generation to your employees to start with.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/diy-seo-exercises-your-small-business-must-perform-7138471.html

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Things about SEO You Need to Understand as a Decision Maker

Vector concept of business optimization and business growth graph

In spite of the increasing importance of online marketing knowhow within organizations, it is surprisingly common to find CEOs and other decision makers that simple cannot understand SEO from a bigger picture. When asked about SEO all they can come with is a set of jargons pertaining to keyword rankings. However, few know what is truly required to design and execute a successful campaign.

Understanding the following points can help decision makers contribute to online success-

• SEO is Not Cheap

Most decision makers assume that most SEO solutions come for free and that it is something that you can conquer by spending a few hundred dollars every month. However, for those looking for more sustainable results, one needs to defocus from the money and how to save it. It is important to have an open mind and understand that a good strategy is going to cost your business some money.

Common expenses big brands with successful strategies choose to invest in include hiring a professional SEO services provider, link building activities, analytics and conversion tracking along with effective onsite SEO tactics.

• Rome was Not Built in a Day

No other cliché fits better here than this one. Most decision makers do not realize that SEO is not a process that shows results overnight. If you are looking for instant traffic, consider focusing your budgets on PPC advertising. That said, SEO takes months of hard work and strategizing before it even presents results that are noticeable. While there will be a number of fly by night companies that will promise to show you results in 30 days and guarantee rankings on the first page, it is more than evident that this is a sleazy marketing tactic to rope in ill informed decision makers. Remember that any strategy implemented to quickly conquer search engine rankings can prove to be dangerous in the future. It can completely ruin your website and get it eliminated from the rankings entirely. It is important that you work on creating a solid foundation that helps ensure long-term rankings.

• SEO is Critical to your entire Marketing Strategy

Decision makers need to understand SEO is an activity that all your marketing requires to be tailored around. For instance, the content that is developed for your blogs and websites need to stick to your SEO goals. Your social media marketing initiatives too, are directly connected with your SEO. Your press releases and media outreach as well as well as your website design will have to take into account your optimization goals.

• SEO is Essentially Content Marketing

While many people are still under the impression that SEO involves implementing lesser known tips and methods to acquire higher rankings, the fact of the matter is that SEO is all about creating compelling content and finding effective ways to promote it. If your company is serious about your optimization strategy, you need to be open to invest in good content marketing.

Finally, it is important to note that search engine optimization is an evolving concept and demands constant study, testing and research for long term success.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/things-about-seo-you-need-to-understand-as-a-decision-maker-7138476.html

About the Author: Adam

Adam is a web enthusiast and a writer. Adam has afforded his articles and write-ups autonomously and through various online forums



How to Outsmart your PPC Competition


Depending on the industry you belong to, PPC can prove to be an extremely competitive strategy to conquer. Your Pay Per Click Management team will put in long hours of hard work into your campaign and your competitors will still manage to have a leg up against you. These tips can help you outsmart your competition in the PPC world –

• Focusing on your Quality Scores

Your Quality Score is a function of your ad, the landing page and the keyword that you are bidding on. Controlling these three items allows you to ensure relevancy levels for your prospective consumers. It is important to strive for quality scores for all keywords except the competitor brand names. This is because the higher your score the lower will be your cost per click.

How to achieve this?

You need to improve your score and get a higher placement. You also want to lower minimum bids for keywords and improve click through rates. The following steps can help you achieve this –

1. Make sure your campaigns are structured using smaller, tighter and more relevant ad groups.
2. Make sure your ad copy and keywords are optimized
3. Make sure your landing pages also contain content with keywords that you are targeting.

• Reviewing Auction Insight Reports

This is essentially an AdWords tool that allows Pay Per Click Advertising Strategists to see other competitors that are vying for the same keywords as oneself. This review can help provide critical insights into how your PPC campaign is performing against other competitors.
While performing this review, make sure that you follow these 5 key metrics –

1. Impression share
2. Average position
3. Overlap rate – this stands for how often you and your competition had simultaneous impressions
4. Position above rate – this represents how often your competitor’s ad appeared above yours
5. Top of page rate – this represents how often your ad was above the organic listings, i.e. in the top 3 and not in the right side panel.

These reports are extremely valuable to advertisers. One can leverage these to be prepared for upcoming competition and to gauge how your new strategy is performing against advertisers with an existing campaign.

• Leveraging Ad Extensions

These are a critical component of PPC campaigns as they allow you to exhibit additional information or to “extend” your text ads. These tools helps in improving your visibility and appear only on those ads which come above the search results as against on the right hand side bar.

Commonly used Ad Extensions worth considering include –

1. Site link extensions
2. Call extensions
3. Location extensions
4. Callout extensions

Finally, it is extremely important that you stay updated with PPC news, strategies and trends. The scenario of online advertising is constantly changing. Assess what you are doing to stay in loop to these evolving landscapes and how you intend to keep up with these changes. Hiring specialist PPC managers is an excellent way to leverage their knowledge and experience to make sure you are constantly one step ahead of your competition.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/how-to-outsmart-your-ppc-competition-7138494.html

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Adam is a web enthusiast and a writer. Adam has afforded his articles and write-ups autonomously and through various online forums



Pay Per Click Advertising – What You Should Know About PPC


There are several different strategies you can test with your PPC campaigns. Creating ad groups in mass is a time-tested approach that many people use. After you have done that, just monitor the stats daily.

You’ll notice several ad groups or keywords that will receive impressions as you progress forward. However long you monitor them is your choice. It is important that you delete the ad groups, especially the ones not worth your while. You can free up so much more money for your daily budget by doing a pare down on your ads. You can enhance your productive at groups, plus manage your money in a much smarter way. All of your copy should be tight-regardless of its intended purpose. This is a fancy way of saying do not use words that you do not need to use. You will start to notice this as soon as you start looking for it, even if you haven’t ever edited for this purpose before. You’ll find all sorts of words that aren’t actually helping to increase the value of your copy. You don’t have much space for your PPC ads so getting right to the point is super important. After you get used to this kind of editing and writing, your ads will be much more powerful. Readers will skim these ads at a rapid pace so it is important that you properly use the space you are allotted.


If you had a squeeze page, then you are sending traffic to it with PPC ads, Google started rejecting these landing pages on their network not too long ago. This policy change was designed to eliminate destination URLs that lead to thin sites. People that were using Adwords to build their lists were hit pretty hard with this. Instead of sending people to a squeeze page that is relatively simple, and more elaborate one needs to be submitted instead. Your ad will be rejected and it may or may not hurt your quality score. You can still build your list, regardless of this problem from Adwords. Getting around this is easy – just send people to a landing page on your website that has an opt in box with other pages as well. People that do pay per click advertising understand that it’s a difficult thing to master. Some people, who know what they are doing, can really make their campaigns shine. Despite the difficulties, you should do your best to try it out and not avoid PPC. Many people will teach you how to do this, but in most cases, they are selling a product.

Of course Advertising is important to you otherwise you would not have been searching for it. The range of all that is involved with it, though, would be a very difficult thing for anybody to foresee. It only stands to reason that anything unknown can introduce the unexpected. Perhaps upon further reflection you will begin to visualize what needs to be done in terms of further reading. Even with that in mind there are so many resources available that that is easily done. In order to protect your best interests, be wary of where you get your material and what you believe. After all this much time has passed, we all know what things are like on the web.


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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/pay-per-click-advertising-what-you-should-know-about-ppc-5987718.html