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Why should you buy a windows phone over an android phone?


Windows phones are highly compared with Android phones these days and there are many reasons why one should windows phone over Android phones.

  • Windows store and software are secure: In comparison to android, windows store and software is much more secure and better, in windows Apps are carefully listed and checked for malware and dangerous code before they are showed in the Store and not after its on the store. And this makes the window phone users safe. And this thing is not well to do on Android phones as on android phones there is no security of downloads.
  • EARLY UPDATES WITHOUT THE HASSLE: In windows there is no hassle when you need to update softwares or apps. In comparison to android as they take months to deploy and update and this long wait for an update and even the new version haven’t had many fixes. In windows the latest version of windows made all this available in the preview program.
  • A CONSISTENT LOOK: It is much easier to spot a windows app from a distance, as the buttons with elegant lettering and design aesthetic cover are very much recognisable and viewable. In Android phones there is no consistent look and at times this does create a problem as to which app they are looking for.
  • ONE DRIVE: In windows phone there is a storage platform as android phones do, but in windows phone there is even a Mac client, giving a drop box level of universality among computers, tablets, mobiles and the web. It helps in saving pictures, videos, music and much more.
  • LIVE TILE SYSTEM: Windows comes with live tiles and customization which can’t be seen in android phones at all, this feature makes window mobiles unique as it can give its users both flexibility and customization options. In android phones one can’t get smooth, animated overview of things, and in windows phone it gives a live feeling where photos of the contacts is easily visible and you can bring any tile on the screen according to the convenience. This live tile feature is only available on windows phone and is the most attractive, except from the live tile of contacts it helps in making you see what’s going on your accounts and shows the messages on the live tiles so that you don’t have to open the tab and reply according to your convenience.
  • BING: Bing is available on windows phone and not on android; bing helps in tracking everything starting from maps and check flight timings and helps in giving direction and tracking new stories. Bing provides with live search tabs and it makes it easy to search places, restaurants and many other places. It can be done digitally as it has an option of speaking microphone, and even one can click a picture of anything and can get the details of that particular thing in any language.

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Apoorva is a technology lover person working in Zopper as Online Marketing Analyst. He is a computer science graduate and fond of blogging. He loves to be updated with latest mobile technology and write about them. Currently he is using Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone and he loves this smartphone.


Mobile Marketing: Is it the future?


If you keep up with the latest trends in the internet marketing world, or even the offline marketing side, then chances are you have heard of mobile marketing.

At the very least I am willing to bet you have seen QR codes while you were out and about doing everyday things, and you may have received those short text message ads on your phone before. This is all related to mobile marketing.

According to a recent study in May 2012, researches claimed that over 90% keep their cellphone within arms reach, and the average person takes about 90 minutes to respond to an email, but only around 90 seconds to respond to a text message. Response rates will be much higher for you if you do SMS marketing instead of sending out a broadcast email.

Over 44% of all Facebook activity takes place on mobile phones, and 61% of local searches made on a mobile phone result in a phone call. For the email marketing crowd, you can consider that a huge open rate and click through rate.

The point here is that a very large portion of the American population has a smart phone with them at all times, and are much more likely to respond to ads or messages on their phone than they are at a desktop computer.

If someone does a Google search on their phone for a type of business, and your company is listed there with a phone number, chances are pretty good that they will call you without thinking twice.

I am not psychic and I don’t know if mobile marketing is really going to be the next big thing that everyone has to do to stay in business. But I do know that mobile marketing is huge right now, and if you are doing it then you are vastly improving your chances to make money.

This goes for local marketers, affiliates, or consultants. You can make QR codes and learn SMS marketing to improve your own business, or you can get paid a nice fee to help other people or small business owners set up their own mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing does not have to be complicated, but you do need to learn the ins and outs to be succesful. You can’t just stick a QR code somewhere and expect to get instant results. Like any business strategy, it takes time and planning for it to work well.


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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/youtube-marketing-tricks-to-make-you-successful-with-youtube-marketing-2953342.html