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Web Marketing – 5 Reasons to use Google+ as a social


Before beginning, however, we take a look at some statistics: Facebook is now the number one social network to the amount of monthly active users (1.35 billion), followed by Chinese QZone (with 645 million) and, in fact, Google+ (with 300 million). More distanced Twitter, which has 284 million active users.

Without this premise, we review five good reasons to “invest” on Google+.

1) Google+ is Google

It seems obvious, but it is not. The fact that Google+ is a tool of Big G is definitely a good reason to start to start using it. Can boast a strong integration with all other instruments of the Mountain View giant and has a huge market potential. With Google+ users are found all Google services into a single account and, while remaining connected, Big G can collect the most of their data and track their behavior, thus making Google+ also a potent and powerful marketing tool.

2) The Social Search

That’s the added value of Google+: enable people to find, as a result of a search, recommended links, or viewed previously suggested by other people from our circles of friends. Inside the SERP then not only will find the results extracted from the entire universe of the web, but we will also find our world with its content and its people. In short, Google personalizes the results so as to always provide the most appropriate response.

3) Interaction targeted

With Google+ you can connect and communicate with the exact target customers who are aiming and establish an interaction with their targeted to your business. To connect, you can search the profiles directly from the internal search engine to the platform (where you can also successfully more specific searches on topics and trends) or through the community. Organize your contacts into circles created by you, just based on your specific needs, is another added value of Google+ in terms of functionality.

4) Professional + personal

Google+ is unique: it is a mix between a social and a personal social professional. With your Google+ page, you can build an identity public and converse online in the same way it can do any profile: add people to your circles, creating and managing community, share content, comment and +1 on comments, add photos and create and participate in the Hangout video. You can also follow the so-called “influence” of your industry, interact with them and share their content with your customers.

5) The exponential growth

Google+ is growing at a frantic pace. Today – three years after the launch – has over 1.15 billion registered users and, as we have already explained, more than 300 million monthly active users (i.e. Individuals who interact with the content). In contrast, Facebook has had a growth rate much slower, with 12 million active users per month after three years. By comparison with the numbers of Google+, Facebook has surpassed the 300 million monthly active users only six years after its launch.

And what do you think of Google+? There seems to be a really useful tool?

Tell us in your comments.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/web-marketing-5-reasons-to-use-google-as-a-social-7216663.html

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7 New Social Media Features for Promoting Your Brand

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As an online marketer, you know that it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes that keep coming to the various social media channels. There are so many different features to use that it can be hard to know which ones are even worth your time. You want to use only the tools that are going to make the biggest impact for your brand with social media marketing.

Lately, many of the big social channels have added some new features that are bringing great results to brands that use them. If you haven’t tried any of them yet, here is a list of some of the new solutions that you should consider using in your social networking for your business.

The Facebook Buy Button

Facebook, for all of its might, still struggles when it comes to converting into sales. The latest solution is to introduce the Buy button. This is making it possible for users to buy a product without having to leave their New Feed.

Now, instead of hoping that users will revisit your site later to make a purchase, you can capture the sale right at the moment that the consumer thinks “Hey, I want that!”

The Facebook Save Feature

News Feeds can get cluttered pretty quickly. It makes it difficult for users to find an article that they wanted to read about later in the day. Now, Facebook has added the Save feature to make it easy for users to “bookmark” an item on their News Feed to return to later.

This is great news for marketers, whose content can easily be lost in the crowd.

Promoted Videos on Twitter

Twitter has found that tweets with videos see a higher engagement than those without. As a result, marketers now have the opportunity to send out promoted videos to their audience.

You can upload and distribute videos, which will only play when clicked by a user. You only pay if a user clicks on and watches the video.

Improved YouTube App

YouTube has always been a great resource for online marketers. Now, the mobile app has been updated to make it easier for users to search for channels and play lists. That means your content will be easier to find and viewed while people are on the go.

Pinterest Messenger

Pinterest has swept the social marketing world with its unique take on marketing. It is completely visual-based, which appeals greatly to the average consumer. The new Messenger feature makes it easy for users to share and talk about the pins that they find with their friends. It is a great tool for engagement.

Specialized Interests on Pinterest

Pinterest is definitely a platform that users turn to for inspiration, whether for creating or buying the things they see. Now, when a user wants to do a search, they are given a breakdown of specialized interests within that search. This helps narrow down the search for information and articles that the user is looking for on the site.


If you want to stay relevant in this day and age, you need to be talking about the things that matter to your audience right now.

It’s not always easy to stay up on what is trending online, but thanks to the new tool from BuzzSumo, you can easily find the most popular content based on a keyword search.

This will give you an idea about what your target audience is talking about and the topics that your competitors are focusing on.

There are so many great ways to grow your brand through social media. New tools and features are always coming into play for us marketers to take advantage of these days.

What social media tool are you the most excited about using to promote your brand?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/7-new-social-media-features-for-promoting-your-brand-7140011.html

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Dawn Pigoni of Be Social Worldwide is a certified online marketing specialist and a virtual assistant. Dawn offers superb online networking, marketing and bookmarking to WAHMs, Small Business Owners, Internet and Affiliate Marketers, and Coaches who desire to bring stunning internet presence through online networking to their businesses. Get Dawn’s free report, Social Networking today & see how she can assist you with being Social Worldwide!



Rising Impacts of Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing services  are the best way to promote your business. This comprises a lot of activities to be done on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. These are basically called as social media platforms. For example, Facebook is quite a vast medium to market your business work. The website is like a beast with hundreds of followers and readers constantly surfing the site.

Marketing done through social media proves is more effective than using any other channel.  You may approach to a particular social media website and start marketing your services. If you want to go to Facebook, you can start doing it by creating a Facebook page and then go for promoting your website among the various options given on the website.

How to best use social media platform?

In order to use social media, you need to target best social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and many more.  After you select the best site to market your business, you need to start a marketing campaign. This campaign can be both free or a paid campaign. Each campaign works either on pay per click rate or pay per view rate. You have the privilege to run your campaign for days, months or years depending on your budget. However, it’s advisable to run a campaign at least for a few months for better outputs.

In the same way, you may also find an SEO company that can help you achieve your target in a more professional way. For that, you need to  search for a company who are professional sound, creative and use the given resources in the best possible manner. Please find below a list of social media sites that provide their marketing services:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr

These are some of the top sites that you may use to promote and market your website. You may use the service as per your budget. You can get both the traffic as well as of clicks after starting a marketing campaign. Apart from using these sites for your marketing campaigns, you may also use blog creation services with attractive designs to give you the same business prospects.

How to know if social media marketing is giving ROI?

One of the reasons why people prefer to use such marketing services is to get better ROI. However, you may still use these services to get high conversion rates. High conversion rates comprise of delivering traffic that is targeted to your website. This way, you get the traffic related to the services or products you offer. Another reason why such marketing services help you in a better way is that they provide you strong back links to your website that are quite crucial for your business. Back links generated in a gradual manner are really helpful to your business. They are worth to make your business many folds.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/social-marketing-articles/rising-impacts-of-social-media-marketing-7143095.html

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What Twitter Has To Teach Product Managers


By now, everyone should know what Twitter is: the very popular Internet service that allows users to send messages that can be up 140 characters in length. Combine this with the ability to follow interesting people, resend what has been sent, and use #hashtags to identify interesting content and all of a sudden you have another one of those wildly successful Internet businesses. However, take a closer look at how Twitter operates and there just might be some lessons in all of this for product managers to learn from…

How To Be More Like Twitter

The popularity of Twitter needs to send a number of different messages to product managers. How the product was designed has a lot to do with how popular it has become. Every product manager, no matter what type of product we are responsible for, can emulate what the Twitter team has done. Twitter can show us things that need to be included in our own product development definition. Do this correctly, and you just might have something that you can add to your product manager resume. Here are the most important product features for you to follow:

  •  Keep It Open: The Twitter tool was designed from the beginning to be very open and available to its users. Twitter content is both available and archived on the web for any and all to see. What the Twitter product management team discovered is that if you make everything available to your customers, they may start to use your product in ways that you could never have anticipated. This can lead to additional ways to grow your market.
  •  Work Anywhere: The Twitter service is considered to be “cross-platform” which means that it works on any computer, running any operating system. When you are designing your productmake sure that you don’t limit who can use it or what infrastructure they need to have in order to become your customer.
  •  Be Able To Grow: Twitter could never have anticipated how fast and how large they would grow. However, their product design allowed this to happen. As product managers we need to take the time to dream of a future in which our product becomes very popular. What would we have to do in order to prepare for this to happen?

Learn From How Twitter Works

  • Not only has Twitter been a well-designed product, but the functionality that it delivers has changed how people communicate. As product managers we need to understand that Twitter provides us with a brand new tool that we can use to both listen to our customers and interact with them. Here are several suggestions on how product managers can use Twitter to do this:Listen, Listen, Listen: One of Twitter’s great features is that it can be easily searched. As a product manager you need to take the time to search it using product related words and phrases. Listen in on Twitter chats, create lists of people that you would like to become your customers, and keep an eye on your competition.
  •  Become Valuable: Send out (“tweet”) useful information that is related to your product and your market. Use Twitter to provide your potential customers with invitations, incentives, and important product updates.
  •  Study: Analyze and track how your potential customers use Twitter. Come to understand how the timing and the headlines that you use influence how effective your tweets are. Study what it takes to get your messages retweeted. Study what level of community engagement you are able to achieve.
  •  Keep It Real: When you exchange messages with your potential customers, make sure that they know that they are talking with a human. Use this to develop trust with your customers.

What All Of This Has To Do With You

  • Twitter has become an overnight sensation. This Internet communication service came out of nowhere and has become a part of many people’s everyday life. How Twitter operates and how people use it can provide product managers with insights on how to better manage their own products.
  • Even though this is not yet a part of your product manager job description, product managers need to take steps to make their product emulate the best qualities of Twitter. This means that they need to be very concise when they talk about their products – cut out all of the fluff. They need to make sure that their products are open, cross-platform and scalable. Additionally, by taking a look at how people use Twitter product managers can learn more about how to make their products successful.
  • The Twitter phenomenon happened because Twitter filled a need that people had not previously known existed. Product managers need to take the time to learn from what Twitter has taught us. Adopt these Twitter-based suggestions and perhaps your product will become as popular as Twitter is!


Author:  –  Dr. Jim Anderson   “America’s #1 Unforgettable Business Communication Skills Coach”  Blue Elephant Consulting


Marketing Secrets That You Bring To The Table With Facebook


Nobody in their wildest dreams could have predicted the massive impact that this little social site called Facebook formed in 2006 would have on everybody’s lives. This was never  more evident then the way Facebook Pages has completely changed  advertising and the way online marketers approach the marketing of their product and services.

Savvy marketers quickly realized the one great advantage with Facebook Pages  was the ability to build brand loyalty .  Once they had a satisfied customer, they were able to build a relationship, encourage repeated visits and cultivate  fans into their business. In fact, people visiting could even write what they think of your products or services on their page’s “wall”.

Today, Facebook advertising has become an integral part of the marketing plans with businesses all around the world including Fortune 500 companies. More and more companies have recognized the importance  of building presence on Facebook  rather than just merely creating or posting a short advertisement.

The social  nature of Facebook Pages encouraging interaction with people and the spread the word  has created a powerful non-stopping viral effect. The end result being  traffic in numbers that’s caught the attention of many a  smart marketer.


Online marketers who keep the social first philosophy being helpful, offering members the posting of photos, videos and valuable content and participating in group discussions have enjoyed success with Facebook pages. Keeping the fan base excited with  updates about the new things that you are offering can have a great impact on your business. Facebook is all about word of mouth advertising, so all the different applications you can implement and ways to energize your “fans” can only encourage repeat visits and build viral momentum.

The exciting possibilities of reaching millions and millions of of Facebook users and the fact that it’s free with so much capability has everyone jumping on board.   The challenge for all marketers the world over is how to harness the viral power of it. An example, Facebook allows you to add application for syndicating blogs through RSS, which results in free advertising for the marketer

The matter of fact is, Facebook isn’t going away and growing at an enormous rate. More and more marketers now figure it’s essential  to growing their brand and building loyalty to their product and services. The ability to network with others and having that all important interaction with their customer can’t be overestimated. The other reason Facebook advertising is so unique is that your  audience  is so targeted. The fact that they’re following your Fan Pages means the chance to build trust is so much easier and creating a healthy customer relationship long term is possible.

The potential to build your online business with Facebook is great, but only if you learn the ins and outs of Facebook and what works and what doesn’t. Remembering that it’s a social site should always be in the back of your mind. It’s a new and exciting way to market, so it should be approached a little different then any other online marketing platforms.

Be helpful.. be social… and most important be entertaining & fun

Always remember that you have to create a great profile page in Facebook in order for you to attract a lot of viewers. Be different, stand out from the crowd as you need to add people as friends in order to extend your network and get more people to visit your Facebook page.

These are just a few tips that can assure that your business has a chance to grow with Facebook. The sooner we learn how to use a social site like Facebook to our marketing advantage and enjoy the free advertising potential , the sooner we will have a viable chance to be successful in the competitive world of online marketing

About the author: Steve Wilton – I’m a married father of 2 online marketer who’s ALWAYS looking for the right opportunities to help people succeeed NOW… not later he’s offering free access to FacebookAd Secrets  advanced training with Facebook advertising www.facebookadsecretspro.com



Social Media Marketing – An Ideal Marketing Platform

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Are you looking for an ideal and mission-centric social media optimization strategy? With the advent and uprising of social media in the sphere of internet marketing, businesses are getting benefited in number of ways. In fact, social media has provided many facets so that you can get started earning traffic to your website and profits. There are a slew of social media applications and platforms on which you can create your reverberating online presence.
Most marketers utilize the sheer power of Facebook or Twitter for their business marketing. Both are the ideal choice and can result in tons of traffic. For instant traffic marketers prefer Twitter, it not only gives quick results, but also the best medium of interaction. Businesses looking to establish healthy relationships with their customers often select Facebook. When it comes to building and managing relations, Facebook is the best answer. In fact, people like to discuss products and services with the providers through Facebook.
Whatever you choose, your strategy needs to complement with your product and service. It is up to you to choose, what matters is the final outcome. If your product or service is business to business then you can go for LinkedIn profiles. It is another healthy choice for powerful promotion. It gives a perfect platform for the businesses as well as individuals.
One thing is clear, social media has the capability to empower business marketing efforts. It can turn a slow moving business to a hyper-rolling revenue generating machine. Through social media it is possible to attract organic traffic and establish relationships. Social media offer an opportunity to connect with people who are interested in your product or service. Whatever you choose to do should be right for your company and its future.
Everybody’s business is different; therefore one strategy cannot be used for all. Strategy should be blended in a perfect way so that it works collaboratively with the business objective and bolster its growth. Remember social media is the perfect technique to grow and flourish, but it should be used in the most prudent manner. Proper mixing of strategies is important for maximum result; however, it may take time to show its magic. Social media platforms not only grow business productivity, but also offer invaluable insight to the business owners. These channels provide profound analytics and performance analysis to the marketers so that they can take decisions for strategy blending and marketing mix.
So, if you are thinking to plunge into social media marketing for your company then first consult with the social media marketing manager. He can make you understand the best use of platform as per your product, service, industry, niche and competitors. If you want you can hire a social media marketing firm to guide you.