The importance of emotions in Graphic design

These days business’ focus is more towards about being different and unique along with pleasing to algorithms and metrics. Undoubtedly, it leads into sales and more traffic, but there is no guarantee of developing a long lasting relationship with consumers. What helps in turning your customers into brand evangelist is creating an emotional connection with them. This way, you have more sales with stronger connection in the form of mail signing up list, social media cult, and real feedbacks.

Nowadays marketing is not just about showcasing exquisite products, but also about creating a story with which your audience can relate with. It is a human nature, if they are connected with you in any way- then they tend to be inclined towards your good or bad. So, if you are a right brand; then look behind- you got a right friend. So, you might be feeling a sensation of developing your brand story now with –

Emotional graphic design

 Emotional graphic design prioritises audience over company and its goals. It is more concerned about serving the audience better and making their life better by providing effective solutions to their problems. It tries to create valuable products for the consumers rather than trash (selling it with aggressive advertising). Emotional graphic design can add active voice to your content, and make the customers feel like a human (behind the brand) is talking to them.
How emotional graphic design should be


Emotional design should be clearly understood, and develop a logical sequential steps to call to action rather than agitating and irritating buttons.


It should be visually appealing as well as professional and consistent which immerses the user into its beauty and functionality.


If it is for human; then it has to be pleasant and pleasurable to the user, otherwise they might switch to another site.

Personal and memorable

There is no necessity of adding frills, but adding something what people can relate with from their personal life instead. Secondly, evoking a particular emotion makes it unforgettable experience, but not several emotions simultaneously.

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