Types of Social Media Optimization

With India rapidly undergoing digitalization every passing day with new technologies, online shopping, online dating and what not, we know that social media has become the ‘it’ and happening place to be in. It is rightly said that everything that happens on social media stays on Google search; such is the effect of social media on our lives now. The social media agency now is the saviour for all those ‘not so socially’ savvy people out there who find it hard to cope with this wave of development. But then again, social media as it is particularly addressed as involves many different types. Clueless what am I talking? Have a look:

• Social network:

Yes, yes what is social media without your favourite social networking site like Facebook? To others who sit there clueless, social networks are social sites which give its users a platform to meet and connect to people around the globe who share similar interests and passions.

• Book marking sites:

So, these basically only the technical ones will understand. These sites allow users to save and organize links of infinite online resources and websites. It gives the user the ability to “tag” links, which makes it easier to search, and invariably, share with their followers. StumbleUpon is one an example of a bookmarking site.

• Social news:

This site allows its users to post news links and other items to reference to outside articles. The other members then vote for the best one which eventually then gets prominently displayed on the site. Best example for such a form of social media is Reddit.

• Media Sharing:

Almost all of us are familiar with the popular media sharing website: Youtube, and we also hear success stories of people who make it big from here. So, media sharing websites like these, allow you to share different types of media like pictures, music videos or random videos to reach out to a larger audience. It also has features like creating a profile and commenting on other’s post like in Facebook.

• Microblogging:

Twitter is the most famous micro blogging site. These sites allow users to share certain links, sites etc, on their walls, and these are then posted on the ‘walls’ of everyone who has subscribed to that user’s account.

Over the years social media and the digital market is taking over the Indian subcontinent by storm. With services like social media optimization getting more and more takers, digital seems to be the best way to go!


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