Ways to Reduce E-Waste in Office

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term for electronic or technological products that have become unwanted, non-working or obsolete. It can be declared as a waste when it has essentially reached the end of their useful life. The rate of e-waste is increasing rapidly as the technology is advancing at a high rate. Many older electronic devices become trash after few short years of use.

Electronics and technological devices are those things without which the office cannot reach its goal. However, we just focus on using it but does not focus what happens to it after we have used it. It becomes a waste, which we call as  e-waste. Maximum e-waste comes out from commercial places, and disposing it becomes the bigger issue. However why not just try to reduce this e-waste.. This e-waste includes everything, including all computer accessories.  Following are some easy ways to reduce e-waste from your office supplies

Reduce– Check what all you don’t need in office or at home. Do not take the items necessarily. Do not take more than one Tv for your house. When the already existing electronic device breaks or stops functioning, check if you really need to replace it. Check if that technology has already become old. To give an example,  CD or DVD players. All computers and laptops comes with CD drive where you can play dvds and CDs. hence, if your older player has stopped functioning completely, think if you really need to replace it. Whenever you will be planning you purchase any electronic device, ask yourself if it is your need or a want.

Repair devices– When any device stops functions, keep repairing as a first option before replacing it. If the model is in the state of repairing, go for it. Not just because it is going to save on your pockets but you also help in reducing e-waste. yes it is true that it is going to be a waste some or the other time, but at least the frequency will be reduced. A small malfunctioning of the device does not need replacing it rather a small technical help can resolve the issue. always consult the expert before you replace any device.

Reuse – This can be especially done with the PCs, you can upgrade the machines. What you can do is simply double the RAM in your PC, you will see the improved performance. If you need extra memory in the PCs. just order hard drives from local online office and computer supplies.  This way you don’t need to pile up the electronic waste. If you have crashed hard disk, go for its recovery, and if you cannot afford it then keep replacing it as a last options.

Recycle – If possible recycle old consumer electronics, rather than throwing it in the bin. Check for the electronic device recycler companies and give them contracts for year. With this facilities you are diverting these goods in something that is less harmful for human being as well as species.

About the author: Jennifer White is a writer from Florida. She is passionate about writing for online media and she pursued her education in Mass Communication.

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