Why You Don’t Need a Degree For Being Entrepreneur?

I always questioned myself that, how much my college education helped me to become an Entrepreneur. At times I feel that I may have wasted my four years and a lot of money. Even I am not saying that I have not gained anything from college, I have learned many things like Self responsibility, How to complete your work with in time, Networking with people of different background.

Do you think these things will help you to be a entrepreneur???

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Here I am listing 4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Degree For Being Entrepreneur:

Decision Making Power:

In our education system  you  are only free to choose your courses and most of you don’t know much about the college courses unless or until  you  have any elder brother/sister or Guardian or you can say any known person to tell  you about the courses. This person will always interfere in your decision of choosing course. Here you can realize that from the beginning of college,  you  are not the one who take decision. Even after opting a course you are given with a mapped out criteria for classes, test schedules and the curriculum about the studies.

But remember when you talk about entrepreneurship, you are the one who have to take the decisions. Even you have your colleagues, partners, employers with you for discussion but still decision will be your own. In entrepreneurship there is no map and curriculum for your work. You have to be flexible so that you can change your decisions according to the market needs. In entrepreneurship there is no such schedule for test; you have a new test daily.

College Can’t Teach You To Think :

Can someone teach you to think? How to think different? How to be innovative?
Even if you can think differently, you have the power to do things creatively and in an innovative manner, your education will never let you use your creative and innovative thinking. You are only supposed to do the things as your college wants; you are not supposed to think innovatively for passing the exams.
These things will not help you in entrepreneurship; even case studies of the past will also not going to help you. The business environment is changing regularly, so here also experience works not your bookish case studies. Yes you can list the wrong decisions of the companies in your case studies and groom yourself not to do these things but in practical way it is difficult to apply your thoughts rather than to list them on a piece of paper.

Education Is Not Only Classroom Study :

In colleges you are supposed to learn what your faculty is teaching you in your class room. People think education is that what we got in an institution. In college you can have knowledge about your subject, you can get some specific tips, formulaic but the real education can only be gained by experience and self practice. But not about the practical decisions.

When I met a salesman who was influencing me to buy the product he was selling. I was wondering that how influencing he was while describing his product, then I learned how I can influence our clients to buy our services and products and how I can enhance the marketing skills. I learned this quicker than I had ever learn solving a math problem in classroom.

College Degree Is Not A Necessity :

Having a college degree will never guarantee the success of your business. There are many big names who even hadn’t completed their graduation but still they are owing their business of millions of dollars. Some of them are Steve Jobs, J.K Rowling, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates. They all are the college drop outs but now they are the owner of reputable firms.

Here I am not saying that you don’t need a college degree. Sometimes your basics of college education can also help you to be on the next level. But remember neither having a college degree guarantees your success nor being a college dropout. Being a successful entrepreneur depends upon your thoughts and how you implement them.

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